The Rank System of Khemorex Klinzhai

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Here are the official (Klingon and human) ranks of Khemorex Klinzhai. Most of our members do not like to use the English ranks so we translated them into the Klingon counterparts. This does not mean that we do not use the English ranks rather than to give our Klingon Names a more Klingon touch. Both versions (English or Klingon ranks) are accepted in our club.

The Klingon ranks should be prefered in letterheads so that there are no misunderstandings with military organisations.

Lance Corporal Da'
Corporal Da' quv
Sergeant bu' QIv
Staff Sergeant bu' po'
First Sergeant bu' nIv
Ships Sergeant bu' quv
2nd Lieutenant Sogh QIv
1st Lieutenant Sogh nIv
Fleet Lieutenant Sogh quv
Lieutenant Commanderla' QIv
Commander la' nIv
Fleet Commander la' quv
Vice Admiral 'aj QIv
Admiral 'aj nIv
Fleet Admiral 'aj quv


Klingons have some special honorifics to honour the warriors for their work in Klingon fandom and especially our club. The Klingon culture knows the following honorifics: You can be awarded these honorifics for remarkable efforts for the Klingon empire and our fleet. The honorific is placed between the Klingon first name and surname of the brave warrior as some sort of a middle name. For example: A Warrior called Worf Suv changes into Worf Tai Suv. Some of our Exchange Officers of the Federation are working hard in the Klingon Empire, so they deserve their own honorifics These are: The best example for this is Commodore Andrew W. Maj Balling who was one of the founders of our Armada. His work will give the Federation quite a bone to chew on....

But that is not all. We created the SuvwI'a' (Great Warrior), a special honorific in the Dark Vengeance Fleet This title is used to honour the bravest Klingon of our club. This brave Warrior receives the title SuvwI'a' for six months and it is presented by the last SuvwI'a'.

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