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mu' HaqwI'

(Klingon for Word Surgeon) - an (almost) complete dictionary and analysis program for phrases and sentences ONLINE! You might even use it at home.

Songs, poetry and theatre


Since General Chang encountered the Enterprise we have learned of the Klingon "weakness" for Shakespeare (only in the original Klingon version, of course!). Most of these texts can be found at the KLI.

paghmo (Much ado about nothing) (by KLI).
Hamlet (a work-in-progress-copy) (by KLI).
Sonnets Nr. 6, 18, 34, 60, 61, 96 and 97 (by KLI).

Literature from Khafka :-)

Due to the fact that Khafka - although he was not a Klingon - had many fans on QonoS, most of these texts are provided by the Itabashi Klingon Infomat.

Before the law (by Itabashi KI).
On Parables (by Itabashi KI)
The care of a family man (by Itabashi KI).

Fables from Aesop

The renowned Greek fables by Aesop (courtesy of the KLI).

The fox and the crow (by KLI).
The goose with the golden eggs (by KLI).
The crow and the pitcher (by KLI).
The dog and the shadow (by KLI).

Sing along - Klingon songs

Klingon songs (or the translation of Terran folklore?)

Degh (the helm) The long sought Klingon music CD...
Bad to the Bone (G. Thorogood)
Don't Get Around Anymore (B. Russell / D. Ellington)
But Not For Me (Gershwin)
Stephen (Alice Cooper) (presumably by KLI).
Who Wants To Live Forever (Queen)
jachtay tlhIngan - The Klingon song of victory

Other Texts

Texts which cannot be easily classified in one of the categories mentioned above. Unfortunatley, we had transmission problems and lost the origins of those, sorry! If you can help us in this, please send a message to ourChristmas Carols and Stories (presumed to be from the KLI).
Thumpling(?) and the tiger
Kahless and Morav (presumed to be from KLI).
Wilhelm Tell (extracts)
Solomon Grundy (by Itabashi KI).

Use Google in tlhIngan Hol

More information about the language

Various tlhIngan Hol language resources - mostly by KLI or Itabashi KI.

Phrases and proverbs (by Itabashi KI).
Idioms (by Itabashi KI).
Curses and oaths (by KLI).

Language Links

Still looking for more? Further information on the Klingon Language is provided by the following WWW-pages:

KLI - Klingon Language Institute

(Clubs FAQ - entries to KLI)
The KLI is the place to go if there is anything about the Klingon language you would like to ask: Translations (Hamlet, The Bible, fabulas of Aesop), materials (books, tapes, CDs, tutorials) and everything else a Language Institute would need. There is also a mailing-list with an archive and a MUSH (mush.kli.org 2218).

ITABASHI Klingon Informat!

This (japanese) Fan with a capital F has collected and translated a great deal on the Klingon languages. Especially, you might find the translated texts of Kafkha herein.

Klingonska Akademien
This (Swedish) fan has also collected lots of Klingon stuff, like lists of all official "Okrandian" sources of words, lists of all colors, numbers, adverbials etc.

mIqIraH's Klingonaase Homepage

Klingonaase is a somewhat different Klingon language described by John M. Ford in his Books "The Final Reflection" and "Klingon Gambit".

Unfortunately, mIqIraH's klingonaase page no longer exists, please let us know if you have any information about him!

Klingon Imperial Forum: Klingonaase

An interesting discussion thread about Klingonaase.

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